Not Price Competitive?

Improving cost performance in an economic
recovery phase

We are a highly skilled, specialized Consultancy focused on Productivity and Profit Improvement and Strategic Purchasing. We provide the know-how and implementation management techniques to transform your Operations into a better profit and growth engine.

Out team will support your staff in securing the bottom-line results needed for your Business Plan by defining and implementing the optimal solutions. We deliver professional excellence, are results-oriented and have highly successful track records in assisting many companies like yours.

We will help you to develop your people into highly efficient, skilled resources capable of competing in the Global Markets.

The initial step requires an evaluation of your operational performance. Our team offers a free assessment, for details Click Here.


Our Strategy Focus

Core Business - defining and strengthening
  • Focus on non-core activities and reduce your fixed costs
  • Optimize core business operations - be a low cost producer
    • Lean Manufacturing
    • Lean (Back-) Office Operations

Strategic Purchasing – avoiding the Billion Dollar Grave

The fact is that enterprises groan about the ferocious cost pressures caused by Global competition, yet squander millions in procurement without being aware of it, thereby ignoring the old rule of thumb “Purchasing generates the Profit”.

  • Assess your purchasing strategy and develop a Strategic Plan
  • Evaluate your purchasing organization and adapt it to meet this Plan
  • Initiate a Strategic Sourcing/Global Sourcing campaign to lower material costs
  • Build the optimal Supply Base and Supply Chains for your business
  • Train and assist your Agents in the deployment of proven pay-off strategies

Manufacturing Performance and Productivity - eliminating the Waste
  • Initiate a Manufacturing Strategy Review to identify short, medium and long-term improvement potentials.
  • Start productivity improvement measures for quick results applying the “Lean Manufacturing” principles and Toyota Production System concepts.
  • Consider a Deproliferation program to focus on model mix and variance analysis to improve profit performance.

Overhead Structure - lining up with your Core Business Strategy?
  • Conduct an “Indirect Manpower Management Review” to identify improvement potentials.
    • Initiate a "Lean Office" project to improve performance and lower indirect costs.
    • Assess and optimize your management structure (Spans of control, Levels of Supervision, Competences).

Project Management and Success Tracking – implementing On-Time, On-Target
  • Develop the improvement process
  • Instill the Dynamics and peer pressures
  • Track, track, track … with Balanced Scorecards

J Rohde & Associates can assist you in implementing these strategies.

At the Core

Our core competencies are focused on productivity improvements in:

  • Purchasing Strategies
  • Purchasing Organization
  • Evaluating of Non-Core Business
  • Manufacturing Operations
  • Office Environments
  • Performance Measurement and Balanced Scorecard

We are applying the methodology of “Lean Manufacturing” in all aspects of our work.

Purchasing Strategies are selected from over 60 proven strategic procurement applications to meet specific company needs and tough targets.

We are committed in any of our assignments to meet or exceed your expectations.

Our goal is to develop and implement a program for your organization - a program that delivers results.

We offer comprehensive expertise for optimum solutions with a battle-harden team to augment your staff in achieving your Business Plan objectives and targets.

Contact Us to learn more about our consulting services. We look forward to serving your needs.

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